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Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Create - Wins New York Design Architects, LLP the Commercial Small Projects awards, Spring 2017 located in Astoria Queens, NY

"Create" has provided the neighborhood with high quality food as well as a lot of vegetarian friendly options. Its innovative design, with hardwood floors, use of industrial material such as raw steel, polished concrete and corrugated metal, and clean warm elements fits perfectly in this booming, health conscious neighborhood. The space was designed in order to create an inviting, organic feel to it. Custom wooden furniture and living wall, "Create" feels like the perfect combination between "modern sleek" and "Organic" design. "Create" is a prime example of successfully meshing these two, seemingly opposing styles together into one inviting and cohesive design. This design is unique, warm, inviting and structurally beautiful. It fits perfectly in its neighborhood, and has been very well received by its multicultural population.

Design with Ease.

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