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Work Permit  (Obtain/Renew)

The Department of Buildings issues individual work permits for each specific work type.  Work types include:  OT (general construction), MH (mechanical), EQ (construction equipment) PL (plumbing), BL (boiler), SP (sprinkler),SD (standpipe) SG (sign), etc.  After plan approval, our Permit Coordinator will prepare PW-2 "Work Permit Application" and PW-3 "Cost Affidavit" forms, and will e-mail the completed documents back to you. Just print and return 3 notarized to our office and our filing representative will visit the Borough Office on your behalf and process your work permit. Once your permits have been issued, you will be notified by e-mail.  Just download the bar coded WORK PERMIT, print and post!  You will also be reminded by e-mail 2 weeks prior to your permit expiration dated.

Work Permit (Obtain/Renew)

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