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Letter of Completion

Letter of Completion - NYDA will prepare all closeout documents including gathering all 3rd party sign off documents and file certified inspection reports with NYCDOB.   Documents include all required "TR" (technical reports), and "PW-3" (final cost affidavits).  After your contractor has forwarded completed trade sign-offs, NYDA will process and obtain  a Letter of completion for the application.

Letter of Completion

  • When your alt 2 application includes HVAC equipment's, an EUP permit will be required at the end of the project for use of that equipment.  This permit must be kept on the premises and is subject to random spot check by the DOB or FDNY. Failure to provide and EUP permit will result in fines and violations. NYDA will prepare Equipment Use Permit application for all HVAC Equipment, and prepare EUP cards for inspector's signature upon final inspection.
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