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Alteration Type1
  • NYDA will prepare application paperwork, file the Architectural & Engineering  Drawings and specifications with the Department of Buildings under an Alteration type 1 filing.  NYDA will obtain objections from the city and make revisions if required. NYDA will secure approval of Architectural & Engineering drawings.

Alteration Type1

    • Reduces initial review time from 4-6 weeks to approximately 1 week.

      NYC allows Architects to self-certify projects & bi-pass a formal plan examination review in order to expedite a project. This process is subject to random audit by the Department Of Buildings “Technical Compliance Unit”. In the event this project is audited, additional work and fees will be required to remedy this situation. The client will be responsible for these fees and hereby agrees to pay these additional expenses which will be charged to the credit card on file. The client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless NYDA for additional project costs & delays to a project incurred because of the deferral of a plan examination.

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